Condenser Problems: Why Won’t Your Outdoor AC Unit Come On?

If your outdoor air conditioning unit fails to switch on when you turn on your cooling system, check is the thermostat to see if it's on the correct setting. If your thermostat is functional, you'll need to inspect the outdoor unit personally. The unit could have something wrong with it's condenser coil. In some cases, the electrical contacts inside the unit could be loose or rusted. Follow the simple tips listed below to troubleshoot your condenser unit. Read More 

How To Fix Holes In HVAC Ductwork

If you notice decrease heating and cooling efficiency and an increase in energy bills, the ductwork could have a hole. Most ductwork is made from thin sheet metal, which can easily get damaged. A hole in ductwork may also blow dust, suck hot air into the vents, or blow cool air in unwanted spaces. You should be able to fix the hole in sheet metal ductwork yourself following these tips. Read More 

Can A Whole House Fan Lower Your Air Conditioner Bills?

When you're living in a hot climate where summer arrives while the rest of the country is enjoying spring, the costs of air conditioning can add up quickly over the course of a year. Searching for a way to cut down your air conditioning costs, even by just a small percentage per month, can result in the savings of hundreds of dollars per year if you're running your air conditioner for six to nine months a year. Read More 

How To Add Heat To Your Home

It can be difficult to evenly heat and cool your home. No matter how modern and efficient your HVAC is, the airflow throughout your house can be inconsistent. Some rooms are just going to be hotter and/or colder than others. This article specifically looks at a few ways that you can add heat to certain rooms in your home. Adjust Your Air Registers First of all, before you invest in anything, make sure that your air registers are properly adjusted. Read More 

Why Most People Focus On The Kitchen And Bathroom During Remodels

Do you find it strange that most remodeling jobs pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom? Well, to begin with, the bathroom and kitchen are the most used rooms in the home and as such are likely to attract the most attention. Here are some other reasons why so much attention is given to the bathroom and kitchen during remodeling. A Value Addition This is probably the number one reason for most people undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Read More