Air Conditioning Emergencies

A problem with your air conditioner that happens at the end of the hot season may not seem like a big problem now, but it will be next year. Also, a problem that seems small may be one you feel you can put on the back burner for now, that is, until that small issue suddenly becomes a much larger one. It's a good idea to have an understanding of what an air conditioning emergency may look like. This way, you'll know to act right away and get someone out to look at your air conditioner for you as soon as they are able to get out to your house. Here are some examples of things that could be considered to be actual air conditioning emergencies.

A malfunctioning air conditioner in extreme heat

A seriously malfunctioning or not running air conditioner during a hot period where you may feel uncomfortable inside your home is much different than a malfunctioning air conditioner during a period when you, other members of your household, and even your pets will be at risk of heatstroke if you don't continue to have a properly functioning air conditioner. If the temperature inside of your home is going to be a health risk, then call an air conditioning repair company immediately and let them know how important it is for you to have someone come out right away.

Another thing you should know is when your area is having a bad heat wave, there may be others also having emergencies, so you may still have to wait. Instead of risking anyone's health, you may want to stay in a hotel until the repair technician can get to you. If you have homeowner's insurance, call them and they can put you up in the hotel, so you don't have to pay for it. If you rent, then your landlord may cover the cost. If a hotel isn't an option, you may be able to borrow or buy a window AC you can put in the window of a large room where everyone can stay until the AC can get fixed. You can close the open part of the window with plywood or even cardboard in an emergency. It won't be cost-effective or very efficient, but it is better than someone getting sick.

An air conditioner that is having electrical problems

Anytime you have any type of electrical issues going on in your home, it is a reason for you to worry. This is also true of your air conditioning system. If you have noticed something electrical going on with the system, then this is something that should not wait until morning, or until the next workday. One example of something that would be an electrical issue would be noticing that there is a burning smell all of a sudden coming from the system. Another example of an electrical issue with your air conditioning system would be seeing the lights in your home dim each time the air conditioner kicks on. Let the air conditioning repair company know what is happening when you call to get someone out, so they know just how important it is for them to send someone out right away.

For more information, reach out to an emergency AC repair service near you.