3 Maintenance Tips That Can Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Efficiently

The most important thing that you can do to limit your cooling costs and keep your air conditioner working as efficiently as possible is to properly maintain your cooling system. Listed below are three maintenance tips that you can follow in order to keep your air conditioner working efficiently. Check the Air Intake Filter One maintenance task that is frequently overlooked by many homeowners is checking the air intake filter, which is a major problem because a lot can go wrong when the air intake filter is clogged. Read More 

How To Clean Your Air Registers

Does it feel like your heating and air conditioning systems are laboring? Have you noticed decreased air quality in your home when you are running your heat or AC? If you're having problems, the first thing you should do is make sure the air registers around your home are clean and fully functioning. This article explains the best way to remove the registers from the wall and properly service them. Read More 

Trees, Green Roofs, and AC Savings

When you think of ways to save money on air conditioning, it is likely that you do not think about covering your roof with plants and planting trees to shade your condenser coils. This is probably because you have never fully appreciated the cost-saving benefits that you would gain by doing so. A green roof and strategically planted trees can not only help with reducing heat gain but also with making your AC system work better. Read More 

Having Liquid Slugging Complications? Blame It On The Crankcase Heater

When an air conditioner's refrigerant enters the compressor while still in liquid form, it can destroy the compressor's motor. This is because most of the parts of the compressor are specifically designed to deal with the refrigerant when it is in gas form. Its presence in liquid form – liquid slugging – is usually a shock to the system. To help prevent this from happening, manufacturers usually fit air conditioners with a crankcase heater. Read More 

Help For Deciding Between An AC/Furnace Combination And A Heat Pump

Most people use central air conditioning and a gas or electric furnace for maintaining the temperature in their home. The biggest drawback to these appliances is that they require completely separate equipment to keep your home comfortable. It increases the cost of equipment, installation, and space required to run both. A heat pump is a single device that does the job of both appliances. If you need help deciding between which appliances to get, here is some key information you should know. Read More