Help For Deciding Between An AC/Furnace Combination And A Heat Pump

Most people use central air conditioning and a gas or electric furnace for maintaining the temperature in their home. The biggest drawback to these appliances is that they require completely separate equipment to keep your home comfortable. It increases the cost of equipment, installation, and space required to run both. A heat pump is a single device that does the job of both appliances. If you need help deciding between which appliances to get, here is some key information you should know.

How Does A Heat Pump Compare To An AC/Furnace?

Heat pumps have several similarities to central air conditioning, with there being coils inside and outside of your home that perform a function of cooling the air. The biggest difference between the two is that central air conditioning only cools down your home.

A heat pump functions for both heating and cooling, thanks to those coils in and out of the home. The inside coils help suck out the heat during the summer, and outside coils help pull in heat during the winter. The name of the appliance may imply that is just for heating, but it actually performs both heating and cooling functions.

Is One More Expensive Than The Other?

In order to compare the cost, you must consider how much the combination of a furnace and air conditioner will be. On average, the cost of central air conditioning can be between 3K-10K, and the furnace will be between 2.5K-14K. When compared to a heat pump, it will only cost around 6K for the single appliance. It makes the heat pump a better financial choice in the end if you live in a climate that sees both seasons and requires switching during the year from cooling to heating.

Are There Climate Considerations?

Of course, heat pumps are not ideal in certain climates in the country. As the temperature gets closer to freezing, the heat pump will be less effective at doing its job of extracting heat from the outside. If you live in an area that has mild winters, a heat pump could be best for you.

Hopefully, you have discovered that a heat pump is a fine choice for your home if you are looking to replace a furnace and air conditioner with a single appliance solution. For more info about getting a heat pump, reach out to a local HVAC contractor, Arkansas River Valley Heating and Air, for specific details on pricing and installation costs.