AC Repairs That May Be Needed After Your Air Conditioner Has Been Exposed To Smoke And Soot

When there's been a wildfire near your home or a small fire indoors, keep in mind that your HVAC system may have been affected even if the flames didn't reach the unit. If your AC is running on a hot day, it will pull in smoke and soot from the fire. These things are acidic and can shorten the life of your AC unless you have the unit cleaned and repaired promptly. Read More 

Warning Signs Of Problematic Air Conditioner Ducts

Most homeowners do not think about air conditioning ducts until there is a problem. Problematic air ducts typically require a major repair. If you notice that the air in your home is not as cold as it should be when the air conditioner is running, it means the air is not running efficiently through the house. There could be some things that you can look out for to prevent an air conditioner outage: Read More 

Repairing Your Air Conditioning After A Copper Coil Theft

Your air conditioning unit contains copper, which is a valuable metal. Because of the value of the copper evaporator coil, some thieves might see it as an easy source of money. All air conditioning units use a copper evaporator coil to remove humidity from the air. This is an important part of AC unit's job, and it will stop working if the evaporator coil is stolen. The Importance of an Evaporator Coil Read More 

Common Issues Air Conditioning Repair Technicians Can Solve For Homeowners

If your AC unit breaks down, there will be a time when you can't figure out a solution. In this instance, hiring an air conditioning repair technician is your best bet. They can fix the following issues safely and quickly, ensuring you're able to get cool air once again.  Faulty Thermostat If your AC unit is working great but the problem lies with the thermostat, then you should hire an air conditioning repair technician right away. Read More 

Got An Oil Furnace? 3 Tips To Ensure You Stay Warm This Winter

If you have an oil furnace, it can be helpful to learn now what you need to do to get the furnace ready to start up once it gets cold outside. This is because you should never simply turn it on and expect heat. Instead, there are things you should do before you turn it on, three of which are listed below. This will ensure that you and your family stay warm this winter. Read More