Repairing Your Air Conditioning After A Copper Coil Theft

Your air conditioning unit contains copper, which is a valuable metal. Because of the value of the copper evaporator coil, some thieves might see it as an easy source of money. All air conditioning units use a copper evaporator coil to remove humidity from the air. This is an important part of AC unit's job, and it will stop working if the evaporator coil is stolen.

The Importance of an Evaporator Coil

One of the ways that an air conditioning unit cools a home is by removing humidity. Hot freon gas in the compressor is compressed and travels through the evaporator coil. There, it releases heat. The freon gas cools and then flows through more coils. The coils take in the heat and pump cool air into the building. Unfortunately, criminals can steal the copper evaporator coil and sell it to a scrap metal company for hundreds of dollars. 

Replacing the Evaporator Coil

When replacing an evaporator coil, it's important that it matches your AC unit. If there is a mismatch between the evaporator coil and your air conditioning unit, this can lead to higher air conditioning bills. You may need to have your AC unit repaired more often. It might also lead to your AC unit dying sooner than it normally would. 

Some homeowners might choose to replace their AC unit rather than repairing the unit by replacing the missing copper tube. However, if your AC unit is relatively new, you'll receive several years of service out of the unit, and you'd be better off replacing the copper tube. Also, a newer unit will have a copper tube that is more advanced. They are designed to be more energy-efficient. Older AC units may be compatible with copper tubes that are no longer on the market. 

Some AC units use an older and outdated refrigerant type that is bad for the environment and is also much more expensive. If you have a leak, the older refrigerant type will leak out and you'll need to replace it with the same type of expensive refrigerant. 

Preventing Evaporator Coil Theft

The best way to avoid having to repair your AC unit is to prevent copper theft in the first place. Enclosure fences can be installed around your AC unit so that criminals do not have access to it. If you have any questions about air condition repair services, contact a professional to learn more.