What Should You Know About Your Furnace’s On-Demand Electronic Ignition?

If your home uses a gas furnace, you probably already know that you generate heat through a combustion process involving natural gas and oxygen. But, how does your furnace start this process? In the past, gas furnaces used always-on pilot lights. These small flames burned year-round, providing the "spark" necessary to ignite the main burners when a thermostat requested heat. Modern furnaces do away with this relatively inefficient use of gas, replacing always-on pilot lights with on-demand ignition elements. Read More 

Four Common Signs Your Electrical Furnace Requires Repair Services

Though electrical furnaces are not as common as gas furnaces in America, they are ideal for people living in remote areas that do not have access to main gas supply lines. Nonetheless, like any other type of furnace, an electrical furnace is bound to malfunction at some point. It is essential to learn about the various signs that indicate your electrical furnace is malfunctioning so that you can call a furnace repair contractor immediately to sort out the issue before the furnace incurs severe damage. Read More 

The Advantages Of Regular Furnace Maintenance You Need To Know As A Homeowner

As a homeowner, you should never skip routine furnace maintenance to minimize the risk of expensive repairs or emergency breakdowns in the future. Since your furnace keeps your house comfortable during cold seasons, you should have it examined and maintained at least once per year. Investing in regular furnace maintenance will improve your indoor air quality, which will prevent health issues in your home. Additionally, hiring a professional regularly to inspect your furnace and service it will keep its warranty intact. Read More 

A Bad Transformer Might Cause a Circuit Breaker to Flip Off and Lead To AC Repairs

If your air handler is making odd noises and it causes your circuit breaker to flip off, the problem could be a bad transformer. The transformer is responsible for stepping down power when necessary. One job it has is to reduce power from the thermostat to the contactor in the condenser. If the transformer is bad, your condenser won't be able to fire up and run because the contractor doesn't get power from the transformer. Read More 

How A Plumber Might Fix Your Kitchen Sink Faucet That’s Leaking At The Base

Your plumbing can develop a number of problems over the years. Sometimes the pipes are to blame, and other times the problem lies with the faucets and other plumbing parts. If your kitchen sink faucet is leaking around the base, call a plumber for help, as a water leak can drive up your water bill and cause water damage in your kitchen. Here's how a plumber might deal with a leaky kitchen faucet. Read More