2 Possible Causes of the Puddles Around Your Home’s Central a/C Unit

While walking around your home's central air conditioning unit, you may have noticed a few puddles that have formed on the ground around its perimeter. Since the amount is more than typical condensation that you may expect when the air is highly humid, you may be concerned about the source of the puddles. If so, there are a couple of possible causes of the puddles that are forming around your home's A/C unit. Read More 

Five Tips To Improve Air Quality This Heating Season

Indoor air quality can seem to suffer once you seal up your home and turn on the furnace. Stuffy, recycled air, dust, and other debris in the air can cause respiratory discomfort. Fortunately, there are ways to improve air quality without having to turn off the heating system. 1. Install an Air Cleaner An air cleaner is an appliance that hooks into the air intake system for your furnace. The air cleaner contains additional filtration units, which will clean more debris out of the air before it passes through your furnace and recirculates through the home. Read More 

The One AC Maintenance Task Homeowners Should Never Neglect

Home air conditioning design, construction, and installation techniques continue to advance, but even the newest models share something with their earlier predecessors: a critical need for clean filters. If you are new to homeownership and would like to gain a better understanding of the importance of regular filter changes for your HVAC system, this information is sure to help.  1. What function does the filter perform?  Home air conditioning and heating systems require unobstructed movement of air to provide comfort throughout all living spaces. Read More 

AC Ice Ups And Professional Repair Services

One of the more common and puzzling AC issues involves the formation of ice on your air conditioning unit. This problem will most likely also include the poor circulation of air within the home. An air conditioning repair service can help you to address this concern. So, what exactly will they do to get your unit up and running again? Check For Airflow Blockages Sometimes, the AC unit will become extremely cold and will have no way to expel its coolness. Read More 

Dealing With HVAC Problems In Your Home

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system in your home may run flawlessly for years, and then out of the blue, the system may break down. Repairing the system may not be complicated, but calling an HVAC service to come and evaluate the issues is a good idea.  Common HVAC Issues Some things are pretty common with HVAC systems and can cause the system to stop working. One of the most common is a lack of proper maintenance, leading to dirty filters in the HVAC system. Read More