3 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For A New AC Installation

Upgrading your air conditioner is an effective way to reduce your energy bills and enhance your home's comfort. However, homeowners without AC installation experience may have some questions about the process.

Your HVAC contractors will do all the hard work to install your AC, but there are a few ways to help the job go even smoother. Here are three tips to get your home ready for a new AC installation.

Tip 1: Make Space for AC Installation

A clutter-free workspace is necessary to perform any job safely, and AC installation is no different. A bit of cleaning before your contractors arrive can promote safety and help the installation go faster.

Clear a path from your house's main entryway to the room that holds your furnace blower. Your technician will install the evaporator coils—the interior component of a central air conditioner—above the furnace blower.

You should also clean up the area in your yard where the outdoor condenser will be installed. The condenser is usually placed close to your home's exterior. Trim back bushes and tall grass around the perimeter of your house to ensure the condenser has space for adequate airflow.

Tip 2: Clear Up Scheduling Conflicts

The homeowner must be present during AC installation, so you should clear a slot in your schedule for the technicians' estimated arrival. Make arrangements with work or school so you can be home during installation. Most contractors allow you to schedule a month or more in advance, so you have plenty of time to make accommodations. 

Tip 3: Consider Cleaning Your Ducts

HVAC ductwork can collect a lot of dust and other contaminants over several years of use. Your new AC won't meet its rated efficiency if the system is clogged with dust. If there is visible mold or grime around your vent registers or inside your ducts, you should consider a professional duct cleaning.

Cleaning your ducts before installing a new air conditioner will prolong its life. Duct cleaning protects your AC from dust that can cause it to overheat and break down.

Duct cleaning also improves indoor air quality. Without duct cleaning, your new AC may continue to circulate dust, dirt, pet dander, mold spores, and other contaminants hiding in your ductwork.

Getting ready for AC installation isn't difficult, and experienced HVAC contractors are accustomed to providing excellent service in any home. Use these tips, and you can enjoy a brand-new, energy-efficient air conditioner in no time!