Why Does Your Furnace’s Igniter Keep Failing?

Modern furnaces typically forego the old-style pilot lights and instead use a more modern hot surface igniter system. These components have a shockingly descriptive name. Unlike more complex ignition systems, a hot surface igniter passes enough electricity through a plate (the surface) to heat it until glowing red. This hot surface ignites the gas when your furnace needs to light. Unfortunately, this simple device can also be a source of some trouble. Read More 

5 Signs Its Time To Get A New Air Conditioning Unit

You'll want your air conditioning system to be in good shape before the hot days of summer set in. One way to do that is to have an annual tune-up that involves servicing and cleaning the equipment. However, if your AC is old, that might not be enough to keep the parts going all summer. If your AC is old, it could be time to replace it. Here are five signs it could be time to get a new air conditioner. Read More 

Types Of Furnace Maintenance That Keeps Your Furnace Safe And Efficient

Furnace maintenance helps your furnace operate safely and efficiently. Maintenance can keep your furnace from breaking down over a preventable problem. Plus, regular professional maintenance may be needed to maintain your warranty. Here are parts of your furnace that need to be checked by a professional when doing annual maintenance. The Blower Motor And Fan The blower needs to be clean so it can spin without obstructions. The furnace maintenance technician will probably need to scrub the squirrel cage to get dust out of the gaps between the blades. Read More 

From Residential A/C Experts To Filters: The Top Ways To Prevent A Mid-Season Problem

How can you reduce the likelihood of a mid-season HVAC failure? From pre-season maintenance service calls to air conditioner repairs, take a look at the tips for helping your system reach peak performance during the warmest months of the year and when to call in the residential A/C experts.  A Pre-Season Service Visit Even though your air conditioner may have effectively cooled your home last summer without the need for a repair, you still need to schedule this type of service call. Read More 

The Importance Of Maintaining Clean Residential Air Ducts

As part of your home's HVAC system maintenance, you should clean your air ducts regularly. Regular air duct cleaning helps to prevent dust, dirt, and debris from building up inside the air ducts and causing problems for your residential heating and cooling system. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the benefits that residential air duct cleaning can provide.  Improving the Performance of Your HVAC System  Like many other homeowners, you want your HVAC system to heat and cool your home quickly, distribute the air evenly, and maintain the set temperature for comfort in different weather conditions while using the least energy possible. Read More