Help For Deciding Between An AC/Furnace Combination And A Heat Pump

Most people use central air conditioning and a gas or electric furnace for maintaining the temperature in their home. The biggest drawback to these appliances is that they require completely separate equipment to keep your home comfortable. It increases the cost of equipment, installation, and space required to run both. A heat pump is a single device that does the job of both appliances. If you need help deciding between which appliances to get, here is some key information you should know. Read More 

How Can You Stay Warm While Waiting For Heating Repair?

Waiting for heater repair can feel interminable when the inside of your house gets cold. These tips will help you stay warm and help keep your home warm while you're waiting for an HVAC repair person to fix your furnace. Bake and Cook Put on a pot of chili that you can eat throughout the day to stay warm. At the same time, use your oven to cook recipes that will take a long time to bake. Read More 

About Investing In A Portable Generator For Your Poultry Farm

Have you ever thought about what might happen to your poultry if the HVAC system stopped working in a power outage? It is important for an HVAC to work at all times when you are raising poultry because they need to have heat, which is why you need to get a portable generator as backup. Discover in this article why having a portable generator for the HVAC system is a wise investment for your poultry farm. Read More 

Change Your Air Conditioner Use To Extend Its Life

Having your air conditioner break down will quickly remind you of the inconvenience you'll face when this system isn't running properly. While arranging for a 24-hour repair service to visit your home, determine what went wrong and get your air conditioner up and running again can have you enjoying the cool before long, it can also serve as a reminder that without properly caring for your system, it can go quickly break down. Read More 

Troubleshooting Cooling Problems In Your Refrigerator

If you have noticed your restaurant's refrigerator is not keeping the food inside at a cool temperature, you will want to take steps in figuring out what is causing this problem. Some non-cooling problems can be repaired on your own rather than needing to call in a repair service. Here are some simple repairs you can do to fix a non-cooling condition in your refrigerator. Check On The Thermostat For Trouble Before any other troubleshooting, check to see where the thermostat is set. Read More