Got A Malfunctioning Heater? 3 Things That You Shouldn’T Do When You’Re Trying To Warm Up

If your heating unit has recently malfunctioned on you, you are probably trying to do everything you can to stay warm while you are waiting on a HVAC technician to get out to your own and have a look at the unit. You are gathering all the blankets in the house and probably cuddling with your significant other (if you have one) or maybe even your dog to try to stay warm. There are a few things that you may think are a good idea; however, in reality, they will actually only make your situation worse. Here are three of them:

1. Consuming a Hot Drink.

When you are cold, you automatically think about grabbing yourself a hot beverage to try and warm yourself up. However, there is evidence that shows that drinking a hot beverage may not do you any good when it comes to warming up your body on a wintry day. In fact, it might do the exact opposite and cool your body down. How does it do this? Well, it is all thanks to the nerves in your mouth and on your tongue that send signals to your brain letting it know that there is something warm. This causes the body to start sweating, which then creates a cooling effect all over your body.

2. Pouring Yourself an Alcoholic Beverage.

Some people may tell you that a swig of brandy or whiskey will help warm you up from the inside. However, when it comes to the cold weather, alcohol is something that you should avoid at all costs. Sure, it feels warm going down the throat, but it can quickly dehydrate you. Plus, research shows that it reduces your core body temperatures and increases your hypothermia risk. This is because alcohol causes the blood to flow to the skin, which results in a quick drop in your body temperature.

3. Jumping in a Steaming Hot Shower.

If you think that a hot shower is the perfect way to unfreeze, it probably isn't a great idea. Yes, it is true that you will be warm while you are in the shower underneath the blanket of steaming hot water. However, the moment you step out from behind that shower curtain, all that warmth that you had built up will be lost as the water – and body heat – evaporates from your body. 

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