How To Access And Clean A Furnace Pump

Servicing your own HVAC system is a great way to ensure that your utility bills don't increase due to a basic problem. There are a few simple repairs that you can do on your own, even if you don't have any HVAC experience. One of the best DIY HVAC repairs is to clean your furnace pump. Here is how to safely open up and access your furnace, and the best way to clean the pump.

Shutting Down Your Furnace

To many people, the most intimidating part of this job is shutting down the gas and power to the furnace before working on it. It is actually quite simple, but you need to follow the steps in order. The first step is to turn your thermostat to the off position. This is just to make sure that it is not actually running when you open up the furnace cabinet. The next step is to remove the furnace access panel. Some panels are actually just doors that you swing open. Either way, you shouldn't need any tools for this. Once the panel is open, you need to search for the gas control knob. This should be quite large, easy to see and clearly marked, so you can easily determine which way is off. Once the gas is turned off, you also need to shut the actual power to the unit. Furnace is typically do not have a power switch, so you need to find the designated breaker. Once the breaker is switched off, you can safely work on your furnace pump.

You should be able to immediately see the furnace pump. Most furnace pumps are smaller than a shoebox. They are made of plastic and have vents on two sides. These events must be free and clear of dust and blockages in order to ventilate the fan.

Cleaning the Pump

The most helpful thing for cleaning your furnace pump is a hose vacuum. If you have a brush attachment, this will work the best. You don't want to just wipe down your furnace pump with a rag because it could push dirt and debris further into the vents, clogging the fan.

While you have your furnace open, it is a good idea to vacuum out the entire cabinet. Any dust inside your furnace can eventually get sucked into your pump. Finally, you can reverse the shut down steps and power on your furnace. Feel free to give your AC or heater a test run to make sure everything feels and sounds right as it starts up.

This is a simple job that could increase the efficiency of your heater and air conditioner, while also cleaning up the air that is flowing through your duct system.

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