5 Signs Its Time To Get A New Air Conditioning Unit

You'll want your air conditioning system to be in good shape before the hot days of summer set in. One way to do that is to have an annual tune-up that involves servicing and cleaning the equipment. However, if your AC is old, that might not be enough to keep the parts going all summer. If your AC is old, it could be time to replace it. Here are five signs it could be time to get a new air conditioner.

1. Your Power Bills Seem Too High

When your AC gets old, it gets less efficient. This can cause your power bill to go up. Plus, an old AC is probably not as efficient as a newer model, so getting a new air conditioner could potentially lower your electricity bill.

2. Your Warranty Has Expired And Your AC Needs Parts

If the warranty on your AC has expired, and your AC needs parts and repairs, you may want to invest money in an AC replacement rather than new parts. Check the age of your air conditioner. If it's past its expected lifespan, it could be just a matter of time until you'll need to replace it.

You may not want to buy an expensive part, such as the compressor, if your AC may not last long enough to get your money's worth from repairs.

3. Your AC Has Phased-Out Refrigerant

Your old AC may have refrigerant that has been phased out. If so, this could pose a problem if your refrigerant develops a leak. The newer refrigerant can't be put in old refrigerant lines. That means replacing refrigerant could be a costly repair. You may prefer to put that money toward a new air conditioning system instead.

4. Your Old AC Can't Keep You Comfortable

If you're tired of being too hot in your house during the summer, it may be time to get a new air conditioner. Your old unit may be too worn out to keep up with the demand you have for cool air. You'll want to check other things first, such as the condition of the ducts, your home's insulation, and the presence of air leaks.

If nothing has changed in your home and your AC isn't keeping you cool, talk to an air conditioning contractor about getting new equipment so you can stay comfortable in your home.

5. Your AC Is Damaged By A Fire, Flood, Or Lightning

You may need a new air conditioner no matter how old it is if it's damaged by a fire or storm. Your home insurance might even pay to replace your AC if it was damaged by a peril listed in your contract. A fire, flood, or lightning strike could do so much damage that it isn't worth repairing your old unit.

Getting a new air conditioning system may be the best choice, especially if you want to file a claim with your insurance and get help paying for the new equipment.