Where You Should Place Your Hepa Air Purifier

Many people are concerned about the amount of air pollution outside their homes, but they do not consider the amount of air inside their homes. Because your home's inside air is not circulated as frequently as the outside air, pollutants live longer in your home. Fortunately, a HEPA air purifier can help you address the many contaminants in your home. But once you purchase a portable HEPA air cleaner, you must decide where to place it. Here are a few suggestions.

Near The Odors

Your kitchen probably produces the most odors in your home unless you have teenage boys that share a bedroom. Keeping your portable HEPA air cleaner closest to the source of the smells will keep the odors from spreading to other areas of your home.

Consider placing your air purifier in the kitchen while you are cooking. The teenager's bedrooms may need a unit of their own, or put it in the family room if you or others are smoking. If you have cats and litter boxes, your cleaner may work well in the room where you place the boxes.

Out In The Open

Many people attempt to hide or disguise their HEPA air purifiers by placing them behind furniture. Unfortunately, behind the furniture is not a good location. Your air purifier needs good airflow and works best when nothing impedes this. You want your cleaner to have access to and be able to filter all the air in the room. To do that, your cleaner needs to be out in the open.

Near The Doorway

Most unwelcome airborne particles enter through your doorways. These include dust, pollen, and smoke. Positioning your air cleaner near a door can help clear these particles before entering your home or the room where you are.

In Your Bedroom

The CDC recommends spending at least seven or more hours of your day in your bedroom asleep. Since you will spend at least 25% of your day in your bedroom, your HEPA air purifier should also be there. 

Position your filter far enough from your bed that its strong air flow will not impede your sleep. But you also want to ensure it is close enough to provide the benefits of filtered air while you sleep.

The best location for your filter will vary from home to home. Fortunately, you can move a portable filter based on your needs. Only you and your family can determine the best location. To learn more about HEPA air purifiers, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.