Preparing Your Hot Water Boiler System with Key Maintenance and Repairs

Do you have a hot water boiler system for heating? This type of heating system is not as common as it once was, but boiler heating still works well for homeowners with allergies and those with old homes with narrow wall spaces. If you have a hot water boiler, it's important to take steps to prepare the system prior to winter. Here are some key tasks to tackle as part of that endeavor.

Bleed the Radiators

Over time, air can sometimes build up in the boiler system. This air will rise to the top of your radiators and keep them from filling all of the way with hot water. To prevent this issue, you can bleed the radiators. Each one should have a little valve on top. You use a screwdriver or a bleeding key to open the valve a little bit. Let the air escape, and then close the valve as soon as water starts spurting out. Do this for each radiator.

If you cannot bleed a certain radiator because the valve is stuck, call an HVAC repair company. They can replace the valve, which is important because keeping radiators bled is the only way to ensure they work fully.

Check the fill level.

Boilers need to be filled to a certain level with water. There should be a marker on the tank that indicates the fill level. Make sure the water level is above this line. If it is not, then your boiler may not be topping itself off as it should. Have an HVAC contractor come take a look. They may need to replace the fill valve or the sensor that notes the water level and triggers the fill valve.

Look for Leaks

Boilers and associated plumbing can corrode and develop leaks over time. So, before the heating season arrives, make sure you carefully look over the boiler and all associated pipes. If you see any drops of water on, under, or around the heating equipment, call an HVAC contractor. They can often patch these leaks or replace the broken piece of the pipe without having to replace the whole heating system.

Hot water boilers can be a good source of clean, efficient heat. Just make sure you prepare for winter by tackling the tasks above. A little maintenance and care go a long way in preventing bigger problems, especially when it comes to hot water boilers.

For additional information, contact a heating repair service in your area.