How To Tell That Your Commercial Air Conditioner Requires A Technician’s Intervention

If you have an air conditioning unit in your workplace, you should regularly inspect its components to ensure that they meet the cooling needs of your business. When well-maintained, your commercial air conditioning unit will keep your employees comfortable throughout summer, which will improve their performance. Moreover, a faultless air conditioning unit will enhance your indoor air quality, which will protect your staff and clients from airborne or respiratory complications. Therefore, if you notice that your commercial AC is misbehaving, you should book an appointment with a skilled air conditioning repair technician instantly to assess the damage and offer the right solutions. Handling AC issues before they get worse will save you money and minimize the risk of emergency breakdowns. 

Here are three signs your commercial AC needs a technician's attention:

Your Commercial AC Is Leaking 

If water is leaking from your commercial AC, you need to have the unit inspected by an experienced air conditioning repair technician as soon as possible. Water leakage from your AC can cause mold growth in your business, which may lead to allergies or respiratory problems among your staff members. This problem occurs when your air conditioning system has a clogged condensate drain line. You may cause more damage to your AC if you try to unclog the drain line yourself. Leaving this work to a skilled professional is the wisest decision to make. 

Your Commercial AC Is Not Cooling Your Workplace Properly

If your AC isn't cooling your workplace properly, your employees will experience discomfort and heat fatigue when carrying out their duties, negatively affecting their morale and productivity. Dirty air filters or worn-out internal components are the leading causes of this problem. You may also experience this issue due to insufficient coolant, a detective thermostat, or a faulty compressor. Do not hesitate to consult an experienced air conditioning repair technician when you experience this problem. The professional will diagnose your unit and fix the underlying complications to restore your AC's cooling capabilities.      

Your Commercial AC Is Producing a Burning Smell

An overheating motor, broken capacitor, and clogged air filters are some of the reasons why your commercial AC may produce a burning smell. A burning smell may also start coming from your AC due to an electrical problem. When overlooked, an electrical issue may lead to a fire outbreak that may cause severe damage to your business. Therefore, as a business owner, you should never ignore this sign. You shouldn't hesitate to call an air conditioning repair technician for professional help when you notice it. 

Postponing AC inspections and repairs can worsen your situation and cause costly interruptions in your business. Therefore, if you witness any of the signs discussed in this article, the best solution is to contact an experienced and certified air conditioning repair technician as soon as possible for assistance.