The One AC Maintenance Task Homeowners Should Never Neglect

Home air conditioning design, construction, and installation techniques continue to advance, but even the newest models share something with their earlier predecessors: a critical need for clean filters. If you are new to homeownership and would like to gain a better understanding of the importance of regular filter changes for your HVAC system, this information is sure to help. 

1. What function does the filter perform? 

Home air conditioning and heating systems require unobstructed movement of air to provide comfort throughout all living spaces. The amount of air that moves through the average HVAC system each day is so vast that it is commonly measured in tons. Filters are designed to capture any particles that may be present in the air as it moves through the system, including dust, dirt, and irritants such as pet dander and other potentially allergenic materials. In addition to preventing these particles from clogging and damaging mechanical components, filters also help to improve indoor air quality for the occupants of the home.  

2. How often should the filter be changed? 

Since each air conditioning system manufacturer may offer slight variations in design, homeowners should always refer to their system's operating manual for instructions on how often they should install fresh filters. However, it is important to note that there may be specific conditions that call for more frequent changes, such as: 

  • periods of very heavy usage
  • dusty conditions exist inside the home, such as during home renovations 
  • occupants have health issues that are aggravated by dust and allergens

A good way to remember to perform a check to see if the filter needs to be changed is to set a digital alarm on a phone, computer, or tablet or to consider using a service that delivers fresh filters on a preselected schedule that can serve as a reminder. 

3. What AC repair issues may be caused by infrequent filter changes? 

Many air conditioning repair technicians agree that many common repair issues are related to clogged HVAC filters. For example, blower fans work harder and wear out more quickly when clogged filters prevent proper airflow from occurring. Homeowners may also notice higher energy bills and a less comfortable home when filters are dirty and the system must work harder to move heated and cooled air through the system. 

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