AC Ice Ups And Professional Repair Services

One of the more common and puzzling AC issues involves the formation of ice on your air conditioning unit. This problem will most likely also include the poor circulation of air within the home. An air conditioning repair service can help you to address this concern. So, what exactly will they do to get your unit up and running again?

Check For Airflow Blockages

Sometimes, the AC unit will become extremely cold and will have no way to expel its coolness. This happens if air does not travel consistently over the coils like it should. This happens whenever there is a blockage in the system. A blockage may keep air from being pulled into the air conditioner, or it may stop it from flowing to your vents. 

To check air flow, The AC professional will look to see if the main air supply vent is clogged with debris. Since your filter also sits on this vent, it will be inspected as well. In some cases, the filter may merely be congested with debris, or it may actually have openings that are too small to allow air to flow through them. In both of these cases, a new and appropriate filter can be added, and this is a relatively inexpensive repair since most filters are disposable ones that are only a few dollars apiece. 

If this is not the problem, then the airflow coming out of the vents that lead into your home will be checked. And the professional will make sure that more than enough of these vents are open to ensure that air can circulate. Return vents are also inspected to make sure they are not covered. Sometimes, homeowners will cover the vents during the winter months to trap air in the home. If they are forgotten about, then this can lead to icing of the coil.

Inspect The Refrigerant Pressure

Refrigerant pressure must be maintained to ensure that the AC system works well. Even a small drop in the pressure can lead to icing on the unit. This has to do with how and when the refrigerant is able to go through its normal fluid-to-gas phase change. If the phase is delayed or interrupted in some way, then ice can start to build up.

So your repair specialist will use a gauge to see if the refrigerant pressure is within a normal range. If not, it will be topped off. However, this may not be ideal if more than a couple pounds of pressure have been lost. This is especially true if the unit has been well maintained and topped off in the past. 

This indicates that there is a leak that requires a more extensive repair with welding and closure of the leak. Your repair person can investigate and inform you of the repair costs of this so you can decide if it is worth the expense.