4 Things You Should Know About Upgrading To Central Air Conditioning

When you need to stay cool in the summer, air conditioning is an excellent tool to help you do just that. However, some forms of air conditioning are more effective than others. If you are dissatisfied with the cooling power of your window AC unit, or you would simply like to cool additional rooms in your house, upgrading to central AC can help you achieve your goals. Here are four great benefits of central AC that you should know about.

1. Central AC can be more cost effective than window units.

When people think of central air conditioner, they often assume that it's prohibitively expensive. While cooling your house with central air is more expensive than running a single window unit, it can actually be cheaper if you are cooling multiple rooms. Window air conditioners are less efficient, and they can only cool a single room. If you plan to cool two or more rooms in your house on a regular basis, central AC is a great investment.

2. Central AC can be quieter.

When you're relaxing at home, you don't want to have to raise your voice to be heard over the air conditioner, nor do you want to have to crank up the volume on the television. That means when you're shopping for a new AC, you'll want to find one that operates at low decibels. Most of the noise an AC unit makes comes from the sound of its fan running. When you have a more efficient air conditioner, you can run it at lower fan settings and receive the same amount of cooling power. Of course, each model of air conditioner will have its own particular strengths, but in general, central AC will be quieter than window units.

3. Central AC can keep your house more secure.

Window AC units are effective, but if you live on the ground floor, you may be concerned about someone using the space in your window to break into your home. Determined burglars can remove your air conditioner or AC panel to gain entry to your home. With central AC, you can keep your windows locked to minimize the possibility of a break in.

When you're ready to get started replacing your old air conditioner for a new central AC system, contact your local residential AC service. They can remove your old air conditioner and install a central air conditioner.