Staying Warm While You Wait for Furnace Repairs

In a perfect world, furnaces would never break down on days when you desperately need them. But in this imperfect world, the experience tends to be the opposite. Furnaces break down on the coldest days of the winter after heavy use, leaving you to shiver your toes off while you wait for the repair company. While shivering in the cold is never going to be fun, there are ways to make it tolerable. Here are some ways to stay warm while you wait for furnace repairs.

1. Bake something tasty.

Take this opportunity to do all of your baking for the week. Make cookies, muffins, bread, and maybe even a casserole for dinner. As the food bakes, the extra warmth from the oven will fill your kitchen. Then, you can enjoy the warm food once it's done. Have the whole family gathered in the kitchen as you bake so they can stay cozy, too.

2. Drink tea, hot cocoa or coffee.

Sipping a warm beverage will warm you from the inside out. It will also help keep your hands warm as you hold the beverage, which is important since your fingers will be one of the first body parts to get cold in the chilly home. This is one time when you don't want to use a travel mug. Use a standard ceramic coffee mug as the heat will travel through it to your hands much better. 

3. Place a jug of warm water at your feet.

If you are sitting around on the couch relaxing, you can fill an old milk carton with warm water and place it at your feet. Rub your feet back and forth over the jug to keep them cozy. Of course, you can wrap the rest of you in blankets at the same time. Replace the water as it cools off.

4. Wear a hat.

You lose a lot of heat through your head. Especially if you have short hair, putting a hat on will help trap the heat in your body so you don't get chilly as quickly. Big, fuzzy socks also work well as you also lose a lot of heat through your feet.

With the tips above, you can stay warm while waiting for furnace repairs. Of course, an even better approach is to avoid the need for repairs altogether. Have your furnace maintained yearly by a residential heating system repair service to keep it running well!