4 Choices To Consider For Replacing An Old And Inefficient Air Conditioning System In Your Home

When the AC of your home is inefficient, there are many options that you may want to consider for replacing it. When replacing an inefficient air conditioning, you have the choice of high-velocity systems, ductless air conditioning, and systems that use evaporative cooling or a combination of conventional air conditioning and cooling. Here are some of the choices that you will want to consider for replacing your old and inefficient the air conditioner this winter.

1. New Energy-Efficient, High-Velocity Ducts for HVAC Systems

Through his reasons why you may want to use a high-velocity the system for your HVAC. The systems are ideal for renovations and remodeling because they have a contact the design and the ducts are no larger than conventional plumbing drain lines. High-velocity systems also give you the benefit of efficient air conditioning that keeps your home cool and comfortable all summer using the least amount of energy.

2. Ductless Air Conditioning Options to Improve Efficiency of Your Homes AC

Ductless air conditioning systems have been around for some time and are a great option to provide cooling for smaller spaces. Today, there are also options for combined mini-split systems that can be used for small spaces and in homes that have zoned HVAC designs to improve the efficiency of air conditioning.

3. Dry Climates and Evaporative Cooling Systems to Keep Your Home Fresh And Cool

There are many areas where you may want to use an efficient evaporative cooling system for your home. These systems work best in dry, desert climates with low humidity. The benefit of using an evaporative cooler instead of a conventional air conditioner is that they use a fraction of the energy is that an AC will use.

4. Combination Evaporative Cooling/AC Systems Where Changes in Weather Require Them

There are also some areas that have dry climate during the summer months but are also prone to rain and humidity. If you live in the area that has more of a subtropical climate with high humidity, a combination of evaporative cooler and AC may work better for energy efficiency and a practical cooling solution for your home. The evaporative cooler will be used during dry weather, and then, the conventional AC can be used when the environment is more humid. 

These are some of the choices that you want to consider for replacing your old inefficient air conditioner this winter. If you are ready to do HVAC maintenance and upgrade your air conditioner, contact an air conditioning installation service like Air Controls and talk to them about some of these options.