Condenser Problems: Why Won’t Your Outdoor AC Unit Come On?

If your outdoor air conditioning unit fails to switch on when you turn on your cooling system, check is the thermostat to see if it's on the correct setting. If your thermostat is functional, you'll need to inspect the outdoor unit personally. The unit could have something wrong with it's condenser coil. In some cases, the electrical contacts inside the unit could be loose or rusted. Follow the simple tips listed below to troubleshoot your condenser unit. 

Look Over the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is the second most important piece inside your outdoor unit. The coil does several things to keep your cooling system working properly. The most important function of the condenser coil is to absorb heat from the system's refrigerant and transfer it to the environment. Grass, weeds, dirt, and other debris can clog up the coil and keep it from doing its job Heat that isn't absorb and released outside the unit can backtrack to the compressor unit and damage it.

First, disconnect electricity or power to your cooling system. Next, look around the condenser unit. If you find plants growing around or even inside the unit, remove them immediately. To avoid damaging the coil, remove the plant growth by hand. If you notice dirt on the coil, use a garden hose to clean it. Be sure to set the hose on low to avoid denting or cracking the coil.

After the coil dries, go ahead and turn on your cooling system. If the condenser unit comes on properly, you can relax easy. If the unit doesn't kick on, schedule a repair appointment with a local air conditioning company.

Contact an HVAC Contractor

Condenser units can experience electrical problems over time if their wires, contacts, and other electrical components rust, loosen up, or fall off. These problems can reduce power to the unit's motor, compressor, or other major components. An HVAC specialist can examine and repair the unit's electrical components for you.

In addition, a contractor can inspect the condenser coil and compressor for problems. The coil and compressor can fail if they work too hard during the year. If the compressor fails, your cooling system won't come on at all.

After servicing your outdoor unit, a contractor may examine the rest of your air conditioning system. The inspection can help diagnose or detect small issues before they become huge or expensive undertakings. 

For more information about your outdoor unit, consult with air conditioning services today.