How To Add Heat To Your Home

It can be difficult to evenly heat and cool your home. No matter how modern and efficient your HVAC is, the airflow throughout your house can be inconsistent. Some rooms are just going to be hotter and/or colder than others. This article specifically looks at a few ways that you can add heat to certain rooms in your home.

Adjust Your Air Registers

First of all, before you invest in anything, make sure that your air registers are properly adjusted. That is, if you have a room that is cold during the winter, it could be simply because the air register to that room is closed. This is actually a very common mistake. On top of this, some rooms in your home are going to be further away from the furnace, so they are going to have weaker airflow even if the registers are properly adjusted. So, if you have made your register adjustments, but there are still rooms that need extra heat, you should consider investing in a ductless heat pump.

Ductless Heat Pumps

One of the best things about ductless heat pump is it they are sold that many home improvement in retail stores. You can essentially go buy one and have it up and running within a couple of hours. Ductless heat pumps run solely on electricity. This means that the electricity not only that produces the heat, it also creates the airflow. As a result, they can use a lot of electricity. This is why they are really only practical in small areas, single rooms, studios, or spaces that just need a little extra heat. They usually aren't a great solution if you are trying to heat your entire home.

Portable of Wall-Mount Pumps

If you just need temporary heat on the coldest days, you should buy a portable pump. A portable pump is convenient because it is mounted on a wheeled cart. So, it can be pushed from room to room quite easily. Many pumps are designed to be mounted directly on the wall. These are obviously a better permanent solution because they are low profile and out of the way. But, some people don't want to have a permanent heat pump mounted on their wall because it just doesn't look very good. Instead, they choose a portable pump that they can store in a closet and keep out of sight when they aren't using it.

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