Why Most People Focus On The Kitchen And Bathroom During Remodels

Do you find it strange that most remodeling jobs pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom? Well, to begin with, the bathroom and kitchen are the most used rooms in the home and as such are likely to attract the most attention. Here are some other reasons why so much attention is given to the bathroom and kitchen during remodeling.

A Value Addition

This is probably the number one reason for most people undertaking a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Real estate experts agree that kitchen and bathroom remodels will fetch you the highest return on investment compared to other parts of your home. This is because they attract the most attention from would-be buyers. A well-heated bathroom with radiant flooring or a beautiful kitchen sink will attract more attention than nice baseboards in the dining room. 

The Need for More Private Space

People like their privacy, especially in a bathroom that they don't have to share with visitors or other family members. This need becomes even more acute if you have more family members moving in with you. You may feel the need to create a master en suite or upgrade your house to all en suite. You may also want to increase the number of bathrooms on a floor or add to an area where there is none, such as the basement.

The Desire for Extra and Modern Fixtures

Over time, you may begin to find your bathroom looking slightly dated. You may feel that you need extra, more modern fixtures such as a bathtub, a shower, a double sink, or storage space. Glass shower enclosures will add a stylish modern look to any bathroom.

The Consideration of Special Needs

You may feel the need to add safety devices to your bathroom such as ledges or rails to accommodate an aging relative or even yourself.

The Improvement of Water Efficiency

You may want to upgrade to more water efficient fixtures such as low-flow shower heads and toilets. Looking at your water heaters can also make a lot of difference. 

The Need for Repairs

Probably there are fixtures that are not functioning as they should: leaks, stained bathtubs, broken valves and heating vents, etc. Remodeling will solve recurrent maintenance issues once and for all.

The Need for Energy Efficiency

This is especially applicable to the kitchen. You may want to change appliances such as dishwashers, heaters, or fridges to more energy-efficient ones. For bathrooms, heating patterns (for both air and water) are sources of energy inefficiencies. 

A Change of Lifestyle

You may find that the kitchen you have no longer fits your lifestyle. You may want to add a new countertop or a pantry. You may also want to modify the space to accommodate bigger or smaller appliances.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling attracts buyers. They also have the most fixtures to upgrade and are also likely to make a big difference in terms of energy and water efficiency.