How Can You Stay Warm While Waiting For Heating Repair?

Waiting for heater repair can feel interminable when the inside of your house gets cold. These tips will help you stay warm and help keep your home warm while you're waiting for an HVAC repair person to fix your furnace.

Bake and Cook

Put on a pot of chili that you can eat throughout the day to stay warm. At the same time, use your oven to cook recipes that will take a long time to bake. Lasagna, casseroles and large meat roasts all take a relatively long time and can be saved for future meals in your freezer. This is also a good time to bake items that require the oven to go to high temperatures, like pizza and bread.

Sleep in the Same Bed

If you have to wait overnight for your HVAC repair person, sleep in the bed with members of your household to stay warm. Even if you don't sleep in the same bed, crowding together into the same room will help you keep the room warmer throughout the night.

Cover Your Head

You may have heard an old story about how you lose 80% of your body heat out of the top of your head. While this is not really true, many people lose more heat out of their heads than out the other parts of their body because the head is generally uncovered and other parts of the body are clothed. Wearing a hat can help you stay warm by keeping in the heat that would otherwise be lost.

Keep the House Well Lit

Electric lights--especially old incandescent lights--produce heat while they're on. Turning on all the lights in your home can help your house stay a little warmer. At the same time, lit candles will also generate heat. If you choose to light your candles, never leave them unattended and blow them out before going to bed.

Seal Windows and Doors

You lose a lot of heat out your windows and doors. Place a rolled up towel beneath the cracks of windows and doors to prevent drafts from cooling your house. Close heavy curtains at night to prevent warm air from escaping through the glass, but open the curtains during the day when direct sunlight shines into your home.

Break Out the Camping Gear

If you've ever gone cold-weather camping, you very likely have sleeping bags and blankets that are designed to keep you warm in cold weather. These blankets are likely warmer and more efficient than the blankets you usually keep in your home, so use them when sitting and laying down.

Of course, the best thing you can do when your furnace breaks down is to call a reputable HVAC repair company, such as Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning. For more information, contact a heater repair person in your area.