Change Your Air Conditioner Use To Extend Its Life

Having your air conditioner break down will quickly remind you of the inconvenience you'll face when this system isn't running properly. While arranging for a 24-hour repair service to visit your home, determine what went wrong and get your air conditioner up and running again can have you enjoying the cool before long, it can also serve as a reminder that without properly caring for your system, it can go quickly break down. Once a repair service like Elite Heating, Cooling and Plumbing has your A/C functioning properly again, it's important to be vigilant about doing all you can to extend its life. These tasks aren't complicated; here are three that you can easily look after.

Change The Filter Frequently

Your air conditioner's filter might not be at the forefront of your mind, but as the unit runs, the filter gets clogged with dust. Eventually, it will become so clogged that your air conditioner will have to push harder to pass the cold air through. Over time, this extra effort can put unnecessary strain and wear on your unit, increasing the risk of it wearing our prematurely. Exchanging the air filter at the start of each month will ensure the air conditioner is running at a healthy output. An added advantage to performing this task is that because your A/C won't be working as hard, your energy bills will be lower.

Ensure All Your Vents Are Unobstructed

The floor vents located throughout your home are integral to the health of your air conditioner. When these vents are closed or blocked by furniture, your unit will have to run harder and longer to cool your home to your desired temperature. Keep constant tabs on your floor vents to ensure they stay open, especially if you have children who might be tempted to play with them. Additionally, move furniture away from the vents, if possible, and avoid stacking boxes or anything else directly on top of the vents.

Use A Thermostat To Regulate The Temperature

Using your air conditioner's thermostat is more than simply a matter of convenience. Through the use of the thermostat, you can set the A/C so that the unit doesn't run unnecessarily. Many homeowners opt to allow the temperature inside the home climb during the day, given that they're at work, and also again at night when it's cooler outdoors. This strategy is smart, given that there's no need to keep your home excessively cool when it's empty -- and it also means your air conditioner should last longer because it's not running as long.