Troubleshooting Cooling Problems In Your Refrigerator

If you have noticed your restaurant's refrigerator is not keeping the food inside at a cool temperature, you will want to take steps in figuring out what is causing this problem. Some non-cooling problems can be repaired on your own rather than needing to call in a repair service. Here are some simple repairs you can do to fix a non-cooling condition in your refrigerator.

Check On The Thermostat For Trouble

Before any other troubleshooting, check to see where the thermostat is set. Someone may have mistakenly bumped the dial as they were putting something in or taking something out of the refrigerator. If the temperature is set correctly, use an ohmmeter to make sure the thermostat is working properly. If there is no voltage getting to the thermostat, it can be replaced with a new one. 

Place Food So It Doesn't Block Vents

When your restaurant is busy, you are more likely to grab items from your refrigerator and then place them back inside quickly. If you place something in front of the air vents inside, the obstruction causes the air to be dispersed unevenly. Blocking the air vents with large items will cause the rest of your food to be more at risk of spoilage. Take an extra few seconds to make sure you place items properly to avoid a cooling malfunction.

Check The Condition Of The Gasket

Your refrigerator's gasket is the rubber piece around the door's perimeter that helps to seal out air. If the gasket is dirty it can stop sealing properly. This will allow warm air to seep in through any crevices between the door and the unit. Clean the gasket using a mild detergent, removing any grime that may cause it to stop sealing. Another gasket problem is when there is a cracked portion in the rubber. The entire gasket will need to be replaced to repair the seal, stopping room-temperature air from getting into the unit as a result.

Remove Any Dirt From The Mechanisms

When dirt builds up around the evaporator coils or condenser fan, air flow will be restricted inside of your unit. Regular cleaning of these items will allow cool air to continuously flow. Turn off the power to your refrigerator before vacuuming these items to remove any embedded dust. A soft-bristled vacuum attachment tool will remove dirt without scratching these important pieces. Use a small paintbrush to remove any dirt from around the fan blades as well.

If none of these fixes seem to correct the issue, then it is time to contact a company that specializes in commercial cooler repairs.