Four Ways To Reduce Your A/C Use To Lower Your Hydro Bill

Your home's air conditioning does an adept job at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, but running the unit too much can cause your hydro bill to chill you. While it might be tempting to run your air conditioning as cold as possible while it's warm outside, practicing a little moderation can give you a reason to smile when your bill arrives. Here are four simple ways that you can cut down on the use of your air conditioner to help save money on your hydro bills.

Install Insulated Drapes

When it's hot and sunny outside, much of this heat can enter your home through your windows, even when they're closed. A simple solution is to get rid of your thin window drapes and, instead, install insulated drapes. Insulated drapes are heavier and adept at former a better barrier against sunlight. Through their use, your air conditioner won't have to run as often, which will help to lower your hydro bill.

Ensure Your Vents Are All Open

Properly functioning floor vents throughout your home are integral to the proper operation of your air conditioning, but it can be easy to inadvertently close these vents while you vacuum. Doing so means that less cold air is being forced into your home, which will cause your air conditioner to work harder to bring your home's temperature down. Ensuring all your vents are open is easy to perform and ideal because it won't cost a cent, yet will save you money.

Invest In A Thermostat

Using a thermostat to control your home's air conditioning is ideal for several reasons. If you're the type of person who doesn't like fussing with daily tasks, the thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature and forget about it. The cost-savings perk of using a thermostat is that you can set it to allow for a higher temperature in your home when you're not around and a cooler temperature when you're home.

Avoid Unnecessary Appliance Use

Appliances such as your clothes dryer and oven can raise the interior temperature of your home, which will force your air conditioner to work harder to lower the temperature. Evaluate your lifestyle to determine how you can avoid using these appliances as much as possible. Installing a clothes line in your yard can lower your dryer use, while cooking a few meals per week on your barbecue means you won't be using your oven as often.

For more information on air conditioning, talk to a  professional.