Making Sure Your Furnace Doesn’t Aggravate Your Sinuses

As the heating season starts up for the year, you are facing another season of allergies, bloody noses and sniffles. Rather than turning off the heater and putting on a coat, try these techniques to make sure your heater doesn't kill your sinuses.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Over time, dust can collect in your ductwork. That dust will circulate through your air and get pushed out into your home. You can dust your furniture all you want, but until you go to the source, there is little that you can do. Duct cleaning can be bundled into your annual maintenance to get this service done at a reasonable price.

Change The Filter

Your furnace filter needs to be changed at least twice a year. Most people forget to do this, but a full filter doesn't do much to keep dust from circulating through your system. Not only does that grime damage your furnace, that same grime can be a major problem for your allergies.

For a little bonus cleaning, try getting a filter that is designed to remove allergens. It isn't a perfect solution, but every little bit helps. If you do, keep in mind that a better filter will capture more dirt, causing it to fill up faster. This means you will need to up your replacement schedule to every three months or less.

Add an Inline Humidifier

The final problem with running the heat all the time is that the heat causes the air to dry out. Unless you are well hydrated and have sinuses that are ready to work overtime, this can result in some serious discomfort. Room based humidifiers are a great way to mitigate some of the issue, especially if you keep one in the bedroom. The downside of these small devices is that they require constant feeding to keep running, and this can quickly become a tedious chore.

The answer to this problem is an inline humidifier. They automatically add moisture whenever the air in your home gets too dry. Possibly, the best feature is that they tap into your home's plumbing so you don't have to keep filling a reservoir. Unfortunately, they do require professional installation, so you'll have to set an appointment with your HVAC tech to have one of these wonders installed.

Of course, not every health problem can be solved this way. However, taking care of yourself doesn't just mean taking allergy medication. Trying these solutions won't necessarily solve all your sinus problems, but they will certainly help. contact a furnace repair company if you need further help.