Five Things To Consider About Your New Air Conditioner Control Panel

Air conditioner control panel design has come a long way over the last few decades. If you've got an older home with an outdated air conditioning system, replacing your control panel will help you take advantage of many new features that increase the convenience of using your HVAC system. 

The following are five things you should consider if you're having a new air conditioner control panel installed:

Using a locking mechanism

This is an especially important consideration if you've got kids. If a young child gets access to your air conditioner control panel, it could wreak havoc on your home's interior climate.

There are two different types of locking mechanisms available to keep your control panel under control. There are small boxes that can be locked in place over your control panel to prevent access. Also, some control panels have an electronic locking mechanism that can prevent changes from being made until a code is typed in or a certain button is pressed. 

Programmability features

Any new air conditioner control panel should come with programmability features that will make your life more convenient. Ask your HVAC technician to explain how you can take advantage of these features. 

You should be able to set a schedule so that your air conditioner will automatically begin working at certain times of the day. You might also be able to control your new control panel using your smartphone, with a special app offered by the manufacturer. 

Location on your wall

While you may want to hide your control panel as much as possible if you feel it's something of an eyesore on your wall, you need to keep it readily accessible at the same time.

Consider whether or not you're planning on purchasing some new furniture in the near future before you place your control panel. You don't want to have it placed and then decide it's located right where you'd like to put a new china cabinet or bookshelf. 

How to maximize efficiency

Having your control panel replaced gives you a good opportunity to discuss air conditioner efficiency with your HVAC technicians. Ask what settings will keep your HVAC equipment the most efficient to save money on your utility bills.

If you're programming your air conditioner, you should be aware of the fact that turning down your air conditioner when no one'e home maximizes efficiency. Cooling down your home again at the end of the day uses up less energy than keeping your home's interior constantly cooled throughout the day.  

Simplicity of use

If you have frequent guests or house sitters in your home, you'll want to pay attention to the simplicity of your control panel. Ideally, you want to find a control panel that can intuitively be used by guests without any instructions if you'll have frequent visitors in your home. 

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