Four Ways You Can Reduce The Cost Of AC Replacement With The Help Of An HVAC Contractor

If you have to replace your AC, it can cost thousands of dollars. It can make it almost unaffordable to get a new air conditioner that is more energy efficient. Luckily, there are many things that your HVAC contractor can do for you to reduce the cost of your AC replacement. This can be things like rebates, grants and manufacturer promotions, amongst many other things. Here are five ways that an HVAC company can help reduce the cost of installing your new air conditioner:

1. Financing the Installation of Your AC Replacement

Before you decide on the AC you want to have installed, consider financing. Sometimes different HVAC services have financing for their clients. You can even get discounts by financing your HVAC replacement. It will also help to reduce the cost of installation and you will not have to pay to have all the work done at one time.

2. Tax Credits for HVAC Installation

There are also many tax credits that you can get for installing a new air conditioner. They do not even have to be the newest green system. Systems that meet new energy standards are more energy efficient, and the government gives grants for replacing them. This is something that you take advantage of by contacting your HVAC dealer and asking them about tax credits for HVAC replacement. There are many conventional systems that can still qualify you for a tax credit.

3. Grants and Benefits for Green Air Conditioning

There are also green AC systems that use things like geothermal heat exchangers or two-stage designs. These types of air conditioners can qualify you for grants and many benefits. This will not only save you money on the installation of your AC, but it will also help pay for itself with the high energy savings that these systems can give you.

4. Manufacturer Rebates for Air Conditioners and Furnaces

Lastly, manufacturers also offer rebates for many of their products. Sometimes you can get these exclusively from an HVAC contractor. You can also contact an authorized dealer of a system you are interested in, and ask about rebates. This is a great way to save additional money on your air conditioner replacement. Many of these systems are models that are being phased out, but still meet energy standards, have warranties and other things that you want with your air conditioner.

If you want to be able to save the most on your air conditioner replacement, contact a dealer, such as Arc Electric & Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, and ask them about some of these things. They can help you find the best solutions to get your HVAC replaced at the lowest price.